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Terms of Service 2023

By booking an appointment at our salon spa, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We value your understanding and cooperation as we work together to create a positive experience for all of our clients.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information about our terms of service, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. Introduction
  2. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) govern the use or purchase of any product, treatment or course of treatments (“Treatment” or “course of treatments”) and related services (collectively, the “Services”) made available by Cobham Clinic (“Cobham Clinic” “the clinic”, “we” or “us”). By using the Services, you (“the client”, “you” or “the patient”) agree to all these terms and any other rules or policies posted by Cobham Clinic on our website, including our Privacy & GDPR Policy. The decision to use our services is voluntary and at your own discretion.
  3. 2. Patient Profile Information:In order to undergo treatment with Cobham Clinic, you may be required to submit personal information including your name, email address, date of birth and contact telephone number (“Profile Information”). In order to provide notifications such as appointment reminders, sending consent forms, booking confirmations and news and updates about your skin membership, we will need to contact you by email/SMS/telephone, please notify us if you wish to opt out. By opting out you may also not be able to have SMS reminders for appointments, booking confirmations or be able to pre fill consent forms, any appointments missed will be lost for that month..
  4. 3.  Missed appointments & cancellation
  5. 3.1 Refunds – At Cobham Clinic, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. In the event that you are not satisfied with any of our services, please reach out to us within 48 hours of your appointment so we can address your concerns promptly. Our team will assess each situation individually and determine the appropriate resolution, which may include a refund or alternative solution. 

We do not offer refunds on treatment courses that have already begun, in the instance that you cannot carry on with a course of treatment please contact us as soon as possible and we may be able to provide an alternative solution, this is decided on a case by case basis.

We do not offer refunds on vouchers or products.

We do not offer refunds on treatments/courses that have expired. (Please see clause 3.6)

3.2 Changes to appointments WITH 48hrs notice – If you cannot attend an appointment but give us 48hrs notice or more we will reschedule your appointment for another date which will be subject to availability. Appointments that are missed or cancelled without 48hrs notice maybe subject to lost deposit or loss of treatment on the course.

3.3 Extenuating circumstance – We understand some personal circumstances are unavoidable, please let us know if this means you cannot attend a scheduled appointment/for a particular month and we will try to find a suitable solution wherever possible.

3.4 Holidays/Travelling – If you are due to go on holiday for an entire month or more please let us know and we will try to accommodate planning your treatments around your travelling plans.

3.5 Timekeeping – Please arrive 5 mins prior to the scheduled start time, if you are running late, please let us know as soon as possible, more than 15 mins late to an appointment may result in the treatment being lost for the month. It is likely that your treatment time will be cut short if you arrive late as we can only offer the time we have remaining to complete your appointment. If an appointment requires numbing time, we may have to reschedule, this is subject to availability and can result in the treatment being lost for that month. 

3.6 Valid period – Treatments/courses of treatments are valid from 12 months of initial  purchase date. Treatment courses must be used up with the 12 month time frame. If you are for any reason unable to complete a course of treatment and wish to have more time. You must contact us and have this agreed prior to the course expiring. We will email to confirm the course has been extended and the new expiration date. Vouchers are valid for 6 months from purchase date.

3.7 – Deposits – You maybe required to pay 50% – 100% of a treatment fee, if an appointment is cancelled without 48hrs notice, the deposit maybe lost. If we are given 24hrs notice, we may allow the value of the deposit being held on account to be used towards another treatment within a 3 month timeframe.

4. Medical History

Please let us know if your medical history changes, any changes to medication or you become pregnant/breastfeeding as we may need to change your treatment plan or pause your membership. 

We also need to advise that we cannot treat anyone with an active cold sore.

 4.1 Consultation forms – Please pre-fill consent forms prior to appointment or allow enough time to complete the consent forms when you arrive. We appreciate there are often lots of different consent forms depending on the treatment and these need regularly updating, this can be frustrating however, they are all treatment specific and very important for patient safety and insurance purposes.

4.2 Laser and IPL in the summer – We may alter the frequency of laser & IPL (and occasionally microneedling) appointments during the summer months, this is for patient safety. We could cause burns, striping or hyperpigmentation if we treat you when there is active tan. We understand that it can be frustrating to have treatment refused, but ANY sun exposure will make the risk of burning very high. Most patients have been happy with the solution of having 2 facials in a row over the summer and 2 medium/high treatments to follow. This will be a little boost at the end of the summer and not affect results. 

5.  Right to refuse treatment 

We reserve the right to decline/refuse treatment/membership at any time if we deem the treatment/membership to be unsafe or unsuitable for the patient. If this is an ongoing issue we will discuss downgrading or cancelling membership for existing members.

6. Results

If you are unhappy with results please contact us as soon as possible via email. You will be ask to attend a consultation to discuss the concern and review the treatments. Your treatment course/ membership and associated treatments maybe placed on hold while we investigate the cause for concern. If you cannot attend a consultation to review the concern we may not be able to provide any solutions.

Treatments results do vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee results and therefore we do not offer and refunds on treatments or memberships. We will try and provide a suitable solution if possible as patient satisfaction is very important to us, this could be making a change to your membership to find a more suitable treatment depending on the desired outcome.

Complaints – Please see our complaints policy on our website for further information.

7. Fees

To receive treatment at our clinic, it is necessary to pay for all courses of treatment and individual treatments either in full or through an agreed instalment plan. In the event that payments are not made on time as per the instalment plan, the clinic reserves the right to demand full payment and any discounts offered in connection with the course of treatment will no longer be applicable.

Adverse reactions

Certain aesthetic procedures may lead to known complications, this is unlikely in most cases and we assess each patient prior to treatment. Some patients at a greater risk than others. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to treat these appropriately and effectively as many of these side effects can be managed conservatively and without much difficulty. We are well-equipped to handle any minor complications that may arise. However, if an issue is more severe, we advise you seek medical advice. Please call immediately if you experience any adverse reactions or if you have any concerns pre or post treatment. We may invite you in for a consultation and we may ask to document any adverse reactions with photos. We will also record the reaction and log for future reference and investigation. It is important that the information you give on the consent for is accurate and up to date.


Cobham Clinic shall not be held accountable for any financial or economic damage, including the loss of profits, or any special, consequential harm that a client may sustain due to its services and/or goods. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that he or she provide us with all relevant medical details prior to each treatment. Cobham Clinic does not take responsibility for any damage that may be caused due to the client’s lack of disclosure. The client must comply with all instructions and advice provided by Cobham Clinic regarding the care of a treated area.


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