ReGenerative skin procedures


Skinpen Microneedling

Cobham Clinic is proud to offer the only globally FDA approved micro-needling device (SkinPen Precision) which is clinically proven with visible results seen after one treatment. SkinPen Precision creates controlled micro injuries that stimulate the body’s natural wound healing response which initiates the release of natural growth factors to improve collagen formation and cellular tissue.

Collagen Induction Therapy assists in the rejuvenation of the epidermal integrity resulting in improved appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. SkinPen Precision can effectively remodel scar tissue whilst maintaining the overall structure of the skin. SkinPen can be used on all areas of the face and body and can treat a number of concerns.



Prices Start From 

Full face & Neck £249

Number of Sessions needed 1 – 3


Laser ResurFX or Skinpen ?

This is a common question that we are asked when prescribing treatment, Skinpen is causing controlled trauma to the skin to stimulate the body to heal, this is also the case with ResurFX (laser), but ResurFX drills columns of heat into the skin as opposed to a needle. ResurFX works at a much deeper level and we are able to plump out lines and use the treatment to target deeper ageing concerns

What is best for me?

    Both work extremely well but for mild concerns Skinpen might be a good place to start for some, however laser ResurFX also can be used on a more mild setting…so the answer is that both yield fantastic results but for deeper lines we would always advise ResurFX, Skinpen is fantastic for skin texture and can have less downtime then ResurFX depending on the treatment. They can also be used in combination.


What They Say

Pat Law

"I was in pain and given a cancelled appointment. My recurring back issue is now treated – Sophie is fantastic and very knowledgable."


"Really knowledgable, kind and most importantly I got relief after one session and I’m looking forward to the treatment plan we have out in place. I love the fact there’s a variety of methods used!"


"A very friendly and efficient service with great results. What’s not to love! 😉"


"Much needed deep tissue massage by Rachel. Nothing but professionalism. Thoroughly recommend."

Ian Gardiner

""I suffered from tennis elbow for nearly 8 months which impacted my training at the gym. After consulting with Sophie, she advised the best treatment would be shockwave therapy.  It was the best decision I ever made, after 6 sessions I was almost as good as new. Would highly recommend Sophie and her team. ""