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A Skin Membership

Why a skin membership?

Regular treatment has a compounding effect especially when it comes to collagen stimulation, which naturally declines as we age. Most patients need a layered approach with treatment plans that focus on skin laxity/collagen loss, redness/facial veins, pigmentation/sun damage and skin appearance/health. 

When combined together treating all these issues can be costly and time consuming. Most clinics offer one off courses of treatment, this does not work effectively as many skin issues are ongoing, like acne, rosacea, age-concerns, collagen loss, botox treatments etc… and therefore need ongoing visits. 

Skin memberships are the answer!

If you want to regularly invest in your skin, save money on all treatments, access all of advanced treatment technologies, get the best results from the cumulative effect of layered treatment & guilt free self care…. a skin membership is for you.  

Each membership is based on treatment level intensity, low, medium or high. Depending on the level of membership that suits your skin concerns we can create a skin plan that allows regular, cost effective treatment, with ongoing treatment plans and access to all our technology. 

Visit us for a complimentary treatment and skin consultation to learn more and discuss your skin plan. 

“Every month my skin feels amazing & I love the results!”

Nicola N.

“Excellence as always! Professional,
Friendly and exceptional results. Thank you!!”


Always love my facials at Cobham Clinic! I have been going for facials and to spas my whole life and Cobham Clinic is one of the best!”


Learn more about a skin membership

We have multiple skin membership options that incorporate high intensity treatments like laser rejuvenation and HIFU. Memberships for acne and body treatments, above are some examples of membership options.

Book a consultation to go through al membership options and more information about how it works.


No need to travel to London anymore with Harley Street on your doorstep, at our one stop location in Cobham for all your body & skin needs!

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